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Doctoral student in Computer Science: Data sharing and privacy | Malmö Universitet

Doktorand till Sjyst-data projekt

The doctoral student will participate in the project ”Sjyst data!/Fair data!”, a collaboration and innovation project targeting data protection and privacy in data-driven markets, including 20 partners from academia and industry. The project is centered around the opportunities and values digitalization entails for society – users, companies, and organizations – but also the risks and threats the increased use of personal information means for connected users. The PhD work aims to develop means for fair privacy in data management and data protection that contributes to increased transparency, security, trust and attractiveness between companies/organizations and customers/end users on datadriven markets. At the department of Computer Science and Media Technology, the doctoral student will be part of a multidisciplinary research unit focusing on studies and development of media production, platforms and channels in relation to technical, social and economic conditions.

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